Brian Taylor
Independent Candidate - Vancouver-Point Grey

Brian Taylor was raised in North Vancouver and has lived in Point Grey for the majority of his adult life. He earned a degree in Mathematics from UBC and an MBA from the University of Illinois. After working in Chicago and New York he returned to Vancouver, earned a BEd from UBC and spent twelve years as a high school mathematics teacher. He left teaching in 2014 to pursue a Computer Science degree at UBC and is now focusing on Data Science.

“As an independent candidate the most I can hope to achieve is to draw attention to a single issue. That issue for me is improving education in British Columbia. The idea that there should be a single provincial curriculum and a single method for delivering that curriculum is holding back the innovation and experimentation that will lead to a truly outstanding educational system in British Columbia. The only significant deviation from the provincial curriculum in BC is the IB curriculum. However, I find it ironic that whenever new initiatives are proposed the evidence for the efficacy of these initiatives is usually drawn from other jurisdictions, such as Finland or Singapore. Why not foster innovation and creativity within our own province? The Ministry of Education should make it much easier for school districts and individual schools to experiment with different curricula and different methods of delivering their chosen curriculum.”